Monday, September 28, 2009

Advice to young (by mind) Scientist

Here I putting some point of Nontechnical talk have given by Dr. R.Gadagkar in Conference of YETY.
How to make food for thought:
*Move away from the comfort zone of knowledge and familiarity
*Position yourself in the discomfort zone of ignorance and unfamiliarity.
*Stop being ashamed of your ability of recalling facts.
*Overcome mental laziness: -
Physical laziness is not problem but mental laziness.
*Avoids crowds and fashion.
*Don’t read too much, especially in your own field.
*Read voraciously when it irrelevant.
*Last but not least justify (yourself) your research from 1st principles why I am doing this.
*Use PhD to made your own discoveries.
Those above things in some extent may feel in our discomfort zone, but I think this must to bring them in our comfort zone to make your own discoveries.


  1. Thanks meera for putting this on ur blog.. I remember this talk very clearly and it was really impressive. These points of Dr. Gadagkar really force us to think abt research from totally different angle..
    don't u think so?

  2. hmmm agreed...these are really very nice tips

  3. very nice thoughts. But I didn't understand the purpose of one line - "Don’t read too much, especially in your own field."... Why?????? Somebody plz explain.

    One more pinch - after saying "Last but not the least thought", you are adding one more thought in the end. So should we call that a "super-last" thought? :-)

  4. @:शंतनु
    sorry for replying late
    हो सुरुवातीला मीसुद्धा खूप कन्फ्य़ुज झाले होते .परंतू नंतर लक्षात आलं की जर खूप वाचत राहीलो तर आपणसुद्धा त्या लेखकाप्रमाणे विचार करायला लागतो ,आणि संशोधनासाठी दुसर्यासारखं विचार करण्यापेक्षा स्वत:च्या पद्धतीने विचार करणे जास्ती योग्य असावे.
    त्यामूळे फक्त वाचण्यापेक्षा जे वाचून झालं त्यावर जमेल तेवढा विचार करावा आणि नंतर पुढे जावे.
    कदाचीत लेखकाचं(Advice To A Young Scientist (Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Series)) ह्याबाबतचे मत माझ्यापेक्षा वेगळही असू शकेल.
    about superlast: sorry, but i can't edit it now.