Monday, September 28, 2009

Advice to young (by mind) Scientist

Here I putting some point of Nontechnical talk have given by Dr. R.Gadagkar in Conference of YETY.
How to make food for thought:
*Move away from the comfort zone of knowledge and familiarity
*Position yourself in the discomfort zone of ignorance and unfamiliarity.
*Stop being ashamed of your ability of recalling facts.
*Overcome mental laziness: -
Physical laziness is not problem but mental laziness.
*Avoids crowds and fashion.
*Don’t read too much, especially in your own field.
*Read voraciously when it irrelevant.
*Last but not least justify (yourself) your research from 1st principles why I am doing this.
*Use PhD to made your own discoveries.
Those above things in some extent may feel in our discomfort zone, but I think this must to bring them in our comfort zone to make your own discoveries.